Thursday, January 10, 2013


Beberapa hari yang lalu hamba menghadiri Majlis Amanat Tahun Baru 2013 oleh menteri yang menerajui kementerian hamba bekerja. Lalu di akhir ucapannya beliau membawakan sebuah cerita. Kata beliau....

"Izinkan saya untuk mengakhiri amanat saya ini dengan "continuation of the story of the carpenter" yang telah saya ceritakan kepada anda sekalian pada Amanat Tahun 2012 saya:

“After he built the house, the carpenter, his wife and their two children, a son and a daughter,  went to live in it. Life was challenging because there were frequent quarrels  about money and other things. The little girl was deeply troubled and saddened by the situation.
She said, sadly, “It is New Year's Eve, but everyone is not happy. Brother insists on buying a new motorcycle. Father, mother and brother are quarrelling about it again." 
Father said to brother, "Can't you use the old motorcycle ? You only know how to spend money, not make any !"  Mother also said to brother, "We don’t have much money, so why don't you just use the old motorcycle?"

Brother angrily retorted, "The old motorcycle breaks down all the time. YOU use it because I definitely won't !" 

"See, it's all  your fault, mother. You have pampered and spoilt him !", Dad said to Mom.
“Dear God, please help everyone be happy for the New Year!", prayed the little girl.

Suddenly, outside the window, the little girl  saw  four white-bearded  old men . She exclaimed,  Mom and Dad, , look !" 
Mom said to the old men, "It’s raining very heavily. Sirs, you are most welcome to come in to our home for shelter !"

The first Old man said, "Thank you for your kindness, madam. But we have a golden rule - only one of the four of us can come in. Who do you wish to invite in?"

The four old men then introduced themselves one by one. Said Old man No. 2 : "I am Wealth."  Said Old man No. 3 : "I am Success." Said Old man No.4 : "I am Well-being."  Then, Old man No.1 said with a laugh, "Everyone calls  me Harmony."

Father said to the four old men, "Let us invite Wealth in. Then we can have a comfortable life !"

Brother said, "No, no, choose Success ! I want my family to be proud of me!" Mom said, "Hold on a minute!  Well-being is the most important!"

Dad exclaimed, "Wealth !" Brother, "Success !"  Mom said "Well-being !"

The little girl asked her mother, "Mom, what is harmony ? Why don’t you invite Harmony in?" Dad said, "Yes, you’re right ! Why don’t we invite Harmony in? New Year is here, we should be harmonious. Let’s invite Mr. Harmony in, then !"

Then, ALL  the four old men came in together. The  little girl’s father said, "Eh? I thought you said that ONLY ONE of you can come in ? Why did all of you come in, then ?"
Old man No.1 replied, "We have another rule. If Harmony enters, Well-being, Success and Wealth will follow."
The moral of the story is, once we have established harmony within ourselves, our families, our organization as well as our country, success, wealth and well-being will follow. So, let us build a harmonious environment in order for us to be successful."

Hamba mengakui itulah perkara yang amat diperlukan di tempat hamba bekerja. Walaupun kepala nombor satu dalam mesyuaratnya meminta agar diadakan program bagi meningkatkan keharmonian di tempat kerja, maaflah hamba merasakan kepala nombor satu itu perlu beredar dari kerusinya dahulu, ketika itu keharmonian itu akan berkunjung masuk bersama rakan-rakannya!!


  1. ouch, it must be quite painful to be at work in your situation :( xper xper, ini semua ada hikmah, stand straight and smile :)

  2. Teringat boss di bahagian xxx kementerian lama saya dulu...tiada cara untuk mengembalikan harmony di bahagian itu melainkan dia dipencenkan or ditukar terlebih dahulu....

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